I am a reformed rebel, a daughter of the King of Kings who has peace with God only through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. He took the punishment that I deserve on himself, and through him I have been made righteous and can now approach the throne of my heavenly father with confidence. Which is a long and suspiciously evangelistic way of saying I'm a Christian :) I'm currently studying 4th year medicine at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia and I'm engaged to a lovely fellow I affectionately call 'my Keags' and we're getting married in December this year. We currently attend Willows Presbyterian Church. I'm very interested in anything to do with the Bible, current social trends, politics, history, medicine and classical music. (Incidentally, I'm fairly disinterested in contemporary R & B, pop, or anything that warrants excessive crotch-grabbing or gyration)

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