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Okay, okay, I’ve been slack. In my defense, the so called ‘6th year dream’ turned out to be a horrible joke invented by the iniquitous med school. But I digress. Here’s my reply to Robyn’s recent post on Nathan’s blog:

1. I’m with Robyn. I can’t go past a pair of Jeans. At the moment I’m loving my black skinnies.

2. Comfy Bonds undies.

3. My maxi dress. Able to be dressed up or down and can easily hide a post-Masala tummy bulge

4. My stockings, which provide me with much needed warmth in the freezing recesses of the TTH surgical wards (and can adequately cover up 2 weeks worth of hair growth).

5. My pretty, pretty shoes.

Okay, I’m gonna tag Joel and Tim.


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