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What women want

What kind of a hedonistic, wayward society publicly ridicules a man for valuing the virginity of his daughters?

Ours, apparently.

This week Tony Abbott was crucified by the media for his views on virginity. Said the conservative pollie to his daughters, ‘it is the greatest gift you can give someone, the ultimate gift of giving… don’t give it to someone lightly.’

It was at this point that magazine columnists, politicians, news anchors and the small but influential group of left-wing, neo-feminist women in the media had a field day. Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard even chimed in with ‘[Abbott has] confirmed the worst fears of Australian women’ and ‘Australian women don’t want to be told what to do by Tony Abbott.’

What a bigoted misogynist! What kind of a women-bashing egomaniac values the integrity, health and purity of his daughters? Surely his duty as a responsible new-age father is to encourage them to indulge with reckless abandon, lest they miss out on teenage pregnancy, Chlamydia and a lifetime of broken relationships. Shouldn’t a middle-aged, white man with a decidedly conservative viewpoint keep his opinions to himself?

Apparently so.

At this point I am reminded of the prophet Jeremiah and his lifelong struggle with the people of Judah – a wayward, unrepentant people who would rather cling to the false hope of their own prophets than humble themselves before the Lord. Tragically, this led their own destruction.

We as a society cling to our false prophets – those who claim that promiscuity is healthy, desirable, even ‘normal’ – and shun those who espouse the values of old, convinced they do so because of deep-seated prejudices rather than loving concern for their sisters and daughters. And sadly, as our own prophets get louder and more fanatical, we propagate the very self-righteous intolerance we were so fervently trying to avoid. We, like Judah, prefer the devastation of our own pride and sin to the liberty and purity that is freely offered in Christ.

May we as Australians humble ourselves, lest we bring on our own destruction.


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Okay, okay I’ll update. Geeze louise Joel…

Well, it’s 2010. The year after 2009. As one would rightly expect.

At this point I am reminded of a hilarious kernel of Simpsons wisdom:

Marge: Homer, can’t we throw out this old calendar?

Homer: Of course not Marge! Sure, it’s not 1985 now, but who knows what the future will bring!

Anyways, this year I make my debut as a chillaxed to the maxed 6th year, with no horrible cataclysmic event on the near horizon; Just lots of long days, angry patients and persistent consultants who insist on quizzing me on the anatomy and pharmacology I should’ve learnt in medical school, but didn’t because the JCU medical fraternity in it’s infinite wisdom chose to examine us on the Ottawa Charter every semester instead.

And I can’t even remember that anymore.

Oh, and by the way, I had a wonderful holiday, thanks for asking. I milked some cows, played some ping-pong – including an epic few matches between the Kelso kids and mum and dad (progeny 1; parents 0) – caught up with family and friends and gorged myself at the trough of freedom. Alas, another Simpsons reference. Seriously though, I love that show. Ahem. I digress.

Having found myself immersed once again in the frenetic pace of hospital life, I thought I’d share with you a list of general misconceptions that people have about doctors that particularly irk me. Because, as we all know, lists make for great blog entries…

1. A resident is not the same as a general practitioner. General practice is a specialty in its own right.

2. The small, walnut sized organ encircling your male urethra is a prostate. When I examine your prostate you lie prostrate. Well, sort of.

3. The nurses wear the blue pants, flowery shirts and sensible shoes. The doctors may be wearing Ralph Lauren shirts, tailed pants, designer shoes, smug expressions and the bright red ‘doctor’ lanyards. Or, if they’re not pretentious, they may not.

3. Resident = guy who does paperwork and hides in the cupboard; Registrar = training to be a specialist doctor, works 30 hours/day; Consultant = Guy who knows everything there is to know about your right big toe (or appropriate body part) and likes golf.

4. Doctors are people too, not superhuman, all-knowing cybogs like on House*. We** get tired, hungry, annoyed, sick, and confused probably more so than the next person on account of working 20 hour days. Mistakes, oversights, omissions are an unfortunate part of the human condition (and part of living in a fallen world). Please be tolerant. We’re trying to help.

5. Most doctors don’t get paid a squillion dollars. We’re more likely to work squillions of hours. We study without pay for 6 years, and enter the workforce with tens of thousands of dollars in debt over our heads.

Hmmm… that’s only 5. I’m sure there’s others. Feel free to comment with examples from your own experience.

*Let’s face it, House was the know-it-all med student you loved to hate. **I know, I know, I’m not a Dr yet. I’m not even a doctorb. But I’m getting there.

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