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Keags and I found this video on YouTube. Pure gold.

(1 week left! w00t!)



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3 weeks to go…

I officially have 3 weeks until my final exams! And I’m so excited!

What’s this? Has Phoebe finally gone foetal? Has the stress of mental health been so much that Phoebe has decided to join the borderlines in their endless (albeit flawed) quest to seek love and affection by being generally annoying?

Lol I shouldn’t poke fun at the borderlines. But sometimes the endless to and fro of their transference to my counter-transference results in general annoyance on both sides.

Anyways, I am excited not because of the slow and inevitable coming of exam doomsday, but the fact that after doomsday I’ll be on holidays for 6 whole weeks!

So after spending a lovely lunch break today strolling through Queen’s Gardens today, I thought I’d compose a list of everything I want to do on my holidays (because everyone knows lists make for great blog entries).

Phoebe’s List for Holiday Fun:
1. Spend hours frolicking around the botanical gardens, reading, admiring little birdies and being generally carefree.
2. Go to the beach and frolic some more.
2a. Do the above with friends at sunset.
3. Clean my desk and catalogue all the new animal species that will have spawned there in the 6 months since its last clean.
4. Clean my house, do the washing and spoil my long-suffering husband with massages and nice dinners.
4a. Finally clean up the pile of washing that has been sitting beside my bed for 4 weeks – the so-called ‘Silverfish Sanctuary’. Or, get the Silverfish Sanctuary heritage listed.
5. Have a conversation with someone that doesn’t end up with:
Friend: How are you going?
Me: (Sigh) Pretty busy. Exams in X weeks.
Friend: Oh that’s no good, what else is new?
Me. N-e-w? Um, the use of heliox for children with acute bronchiolitis? Oh, you mean in real life. Exams in X weeks.
6. Spend some time getting better acquainted with God’s word.
7. Drive past a car without working out what medical acronym is on the number plate.
8 Get 10 hours of solid sleep without studying in my dreams.
9. Resist the urge to correct people on medical terms during sermons.

I’m sure there’s more, I’ll add them as I think of them…

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