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Caption Obvious

Captioning. It’s the art of adding a commentary to a funny picture (typically of an animal, or someone in an embarrassing or unusual situation) to hilarious effect.

Lately, I’ve discovered a form of captioning that literally polarizes people. Really. People either love it or they hate it. I’ve dubbed this technique, ‘Caption Obvious’ (clever, I know) – where people take funny pictures and add a commentary so weirdly obvious that it’s just really funny.

Personally, I think these pictures are hilarious, but I’ll post some here and let you decide.


dog coffee


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10 reasons Keagan annoys me:

1. When I’m about to tell him an awesome story, he tells me ‘you’ve told me that 3 times before.’ Which is completely irrelevant and distracting when I’m trying to tell an awesome story.

2. He gets angry when I hog the blanket and he ends up cold, miserable and doona-less in the early hours of the morning. He should wear warmer pjs.

3. He threatens to give the clothes I leave on the floor for 3 weeks to the op shop and often torments me with ‘missing any clothes lately?’ And, as I only wear around 5% of my wardrobe regularly and find it impossible to keep track of all the clothes I own, I have little hope of discovering the missing items until they’re half way to Hong Kong.

4. He is more awesome than me (Keagan’s words, not mine)

5. He is frustratingly organized and tidy

6. When I get angry he remains annoyingly calm and patiently waits until I calm down.

7. He makes better cities than me on SimCity and will spend 5 minutes on my city to make it productive and industrious after I’ve spent 3 hours building up debt.

8. He has more common sense when it comes to medical matters despite the fact I’ve almost completed 5 years of a medical degree

6. He can count better than me

10. He corrects me on this post about what annoys me.

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The New Idolatry

Idolatry. It’s (almost) as old as time itself, stemming back to the days of Adam and Eve and their rather unfortunate (well, fairly cataclysmic) encounter with sin. From the Ashtoreths and Baals that enshared the Israelites, to the cult of celebrity we see today, it continues to entangle people and draw them away from serving their creator. And, although the way it manifests itself varies widely throughout human history, the end result is the same: The dishonouring of God, and in most cases, the edification of self, resulting in enslavement, discontentment and brokenness of relationship between God and man.

The problem is, in our ‘highly evolved’ and complex society, the idols that ensnare us can be a lot more subtle and less obvious than those that plagued our ancestors. We can recognize a shiny Buddha statue a mile away, but less obvious ones, such as ambition, ‘happiness’ and ‘respectability’ can be harder to spot.

Let me explain.

I’ll begin with a quote from Leviticus 19:4: ‘Do not turn to idols or make gods of cast metal for yourselves. I am the LORD your God.’

An idol is something that takes the place of God, such as a carved idol, a person, a worldly ambition or anything else that we place more importance upon than relationship with our heavenly father. The Lord created the heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1) and created humans in the image of himself (Gen 1:27). Therefore, being the rightful king of all of creation, he is deserving of our worship (Psalm 29:2). However we as self-seeking humans, chase after mute idols and created things – which often in the right context are actually ‘good’ things God has given us to enjoy – to our folly and destruction.

And, one of the biggest idols facing western society today is the idol of career.

Work was originally designed to be a good thing – in Genesis 2, God puts Adam in the garden to work it and take care of it. However after the fall, work becomes toilsome and difficult and man corrupts it in all kinds of ways for his own ends, from avoiding it altogether to becoming consumed by it to the detriment of other things.

Unfortunately, in my profession, the latter is all too common. Time and time again, I see sleep-deprived, socially-idolated, spiritually-dead consultants and registrars who have forsaken everything in the name of career. Some of them are women who have thrown off the ‘evils’ of wifehood and domestic service in pursuit of the more ‘evolved’ and ‘inspired’ lifestyle of the raging workaholic. Medicine in particular, caricatured as a ‘caring’ and ‘serving’ profession that saves lives (which, don’t get me wrong, it does), so often transforms from a ‘job’ into a kind of ‘higher calling’, a vocation that carries with it a moral imperative to give up everything for the sake of the work.

Thus arises the culture of workaholism that exists almost ubiquitously in the medical profession, and increasingly, throughout the rest of society. The trouble is, it’s all too easy in the ‘caring’, ‘helping’ jobs like medicine for selfish ambition to masquerade as selflessness and the pursuit of status and accolade as the desire for personal and societal betterment. So often it is this ‘respectable’, socially-acceptable form of idolatry that is the most dangerous and that, if left unchecked will lead us on a path to ruin and untold destruction. Indeed, we as Christians need to guard ourselves against this subtle and often unnoticed form of idolatry that threatens to undermine our relationship with God and deny our creator his due.

Because when it comes down to it, it’s all the same; no matter how glamorous, how splendidly altruistic your career appears to be, if it takes the place of God it’s like building a castle in the sand. And castles in the sand don’t last very long.

Better to build on a rock instead.

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The Other Woman

As most of you know, my husband is somewhat of a tech-o-phile*, with a shameless, nerdy fondness for the PC, CSS, RSS, and all those nerdy acronyms that only true techies would understand.

And, in true techie style, he also likes a computer game or two – whether it’s GTA on Playstation or Simcity on PC, he relishes the challenge of each game and on many an occasion has come up to me triumphantly after finally finishing the game in an exchange that goes a little like this:

Keagan: Arms in air, big smile on face, giving me his signature ‘bear hug of victory’ ‘Yes! I finished it! I created an army of trolls from the land of Tyilnea to fight the evil Gyneticians and strategically used my Eoul shield to block the Urke, thus inhibiting their Yengi force and destroying their race forever so I could finally claim the glorious Neid.’**

Me: ‘Cool.’

Unfortunately, as the wife of a techie, I must confess there have been times when I have questioned the role of Keag’s beloved gadgetry in contributing to matrimonial harmony. That is to say, I’ve wondered whether it was, in fact, the Playstation that strolled down the isle on the 20th December 2008 in a white dress – and it’s only upon periodic review of our wedding photos that I am once again reassured that Keagan decided to marry me instead.

Anyways, while surfing Failblog today (and all it’s hilarious associates), I discovered a particularly funny photo that I thought was suitably humorous enough to put on my blog. For some reason it made me laugh. Out loud.


*hmmm, that sounds really bad, doesn’t it?
** Those are all made up names. It all sounds the same to me.

Gaming 300

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