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More on weddings…

Oh the joys of wedding planning!
Marriage is a wonderful gift from God, a marvellous representation of his abundant love and a reflection (albeit a faint one) of the glorious relationship between Christ and his people.
Weddings, on the other hand…
Some masochistic bright spark in a ostentatious moment of stupidity suddenly discovered a sure fire way to inflict as much pain upon himself as possible – he took for himself a wife, (which, in itself is not a bad thing) but then decided to mark the occasion with a stupendous coming together of 2 families, involving 100 people with 150 different ideas and personalities, each wanting to meticulously plan such an occasion down to the last detail resulting in a cataclysmic ballet of woe reminiscent of the Big Bang…
Ok, so slight hyperbole there.
{At this point I’d like to point out that both families have been more than agreeable throughout the whole process – my stress throughout this 9 month ordea- ahem, engagement, has largely been self-inflicted by my stubborn, perfectionist personality. So the above has no reference to any persons, living or otherwise.}
Seriously though, being an anxious, indecisive person at the best of times, planning a wedding has thus far proven reasonably stressful (as every married person can attest!). From invitation lists, to dress colours (white is not always white, people!), to those little bonbonniere things you put next to every place at the reception, a wedding takes more planning and meticulous care than practically any other event you’ll ever host, and will be remembered and talked about (fondly or otherwise) by most people in both families for the remainder of your life.
No pressure!
Long story short, my stress levels have been progressively rising this week, resulting in near-universal grumpiness and snappiness on my part (I owe my housemates a great deal for putting up with me), finally culminating in a near-foetal state by lunchtime today. So I locked myself in my bedroom and began praying through tears, that God would give me peace, before heading out into the world again, frazzled as ever.
Several hours later, however, I sat down with a book {Jesus Freaks – by DC Talk and the Voice of the Martyrs} and started to read. As I read about the stories of men and women with unwavering faith, many of whom were martyred in horrible ways, from beheading to suffocation, to being burnt at the stake, God answered my prayer in a most wonderful way. I began to realize how silly my worries have been, how inconsequential my fears are in light of eternity. When the Lord comes back in all his glory on the last day, when we are finally in eternal rest and have an eternity of glorious fellowship with God himself to look forward to, the last thing I’m going to be thinking is, ‘Why, oh WHY didn’t I have lilac bridesmaid dresses instead of aubergine??’
I will, however, wonder why I was so rude to my housemates, why I was so impatient with the guy driving at 80kms/hr on the ring road in front of me, why I was so self-obsessed that I failed to love my brothers and sisters as myself. It’s amazing how God answers prayer – often unexpectedly, in unusual ways, but always pulling us away from self-centred, worldly perspectives and drawing our gaze upward.
Please pray that God would continue to draw our gaze upward, as Keags and I approach marriage.
I sought the LORD, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.
Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame. (Psalm 34:4-5)


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